1. Living Youth
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Produced by Yung Citizen - Lyrics by Julia Figueroa


We are the Living Youth
Were gonna change the world - me & you
Hold on to The Truth
Don’t you know we gonna change the world?

Verse 1
If you're tired of the pain that you see
In this world so much anger and fighting
There's and answer, there's our God who’s had a plan from the start
You can change, You can rule, you can have the heart

(Pre Chorus)
To be a light
In this dark world
You know wrong from right
So fight the good fight
You were meant to shine
Like the stars in the sky
Won’t you embrace this righteous life cause…

Chorus 2x

Won't it be great to someday tell a little child
That there will be no more suffering and no more crying ?
Our Father will wipe every tear from their eyes
And we will be a part of changing so many lives

Pre 1x

Don’t give up
Gotta keep on moving
Don’t you know we gonna change the world?
Aye Aye
Just look up 

Gotta keep on moving
Are you ready to change the world
Are you ready to change?