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Produced by Nyke Van Wyk & Julia Figueroa
Lyrics & Music by Julia Figueroa


Are You Ready

There will be a time 
Where the world will be at peace
No more suffering no hungry mouths to feed 
There is coming a day 
When all the nations will praise The Lord Eternal
For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord
Like the waters that cover the sea 

Are you putting on your armor 
Do you have your shield of faith 
Is your sword the Word of God 
Are you filling up your lamps ? 
Are you staying awake? 
Cause you don’t know the time nor the place 

So Are you Ready for Day of the Lord 
He’s coming quickly 
And blessed are those who keep his words
Are you Ready? 
For the beginning and the end 
The kingdoms of the Earth 
Shall be the kingdoms of our Lord 
Are you Ready? 

Righteousness is near,
His salvation will appear
and His arms will bring justice to the nations
Let the Earth Rejoice 
Shout for Joy and sing praise       
The Holy One, He has chosen you !


Great and marvelous and your works
I wait for you to bring your new world 
Write your laws upon my heart 
I don’t know the day 
I don’t know the hour 
But I know my master will return for me 
He will Return for you and me