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Produced by Nyke Van Wyk & Julia Figueroa, Lyrics & Music by Julia Figueroa, Piano by José Echevarria



Don’t let me wander
Please don’t let me fall
Lift me up again
I’m afraid I’m not that strong
I want to trust you but sometimes it gets so hard
I hear a storm outside my door
And feel it inside my heart

Hard to believe that you could see
Something worthy inside of me
I fall to the ground
You never leave me behind 
And I will hear your voice

The Lord is standing in the battlefield
Keeping away the enemy
And He has claimed the victory
Somehow He sees strength in me
And we can’t back down
We must see this through
Cause God will never give up on you!

Verse 2
The world will tell you that there can be no God
Or He’s just a figment who sees our lives
But not involved
But He is not hiding
He’s opened your eyes
To give you a chance to start a new life
To leave the old you behind and walk in a newness of life

Hard to believe
That you could see
See a King inside of me
Mountains I have to climb
I will achieve
As long as you’re with me

Times of trouble they draw near
Let your love cast out all my fears
I may cry but still my eyes can see
He promises to never give on me

Chorus 1x