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Produced by Brian Sanchez, Lyrics & Music by Julia Figueroa


Dry your eyes and hold on tight
Everything's gonna be alright
Don't worry about the troubled times
Just look up to the light
Be steadfast and hold your ground
Let your faith hold you down
You can't let the pain hold you back today

And if you are troubled you can find
Rest with me
You can lay in these arms and escape this world of misery
You can choose to walk this world alone
Or you can find peace with me
Your tired soul is waiting
Come, Come find rest with me

So many arrows are aimed at my heart
Secretly so many want to tear us apart
They would love to see my cry and shake
They'll only be satisfied when I break
But I know that
You deliver me even from mistakes

A new day has come
And I am not afraid
Those who hate me can't do anything to me
I have the armor I need to survive
Because what you give me keeps me alive
I can survive
If you are in distress
Baby, don't worry rest
Lay your head on me release your anxiety
Just got to close your eyes
Remember I'm on your side
Just rest and breathe
And find your peace with me
(Have faith in my love)
(Let the pain go)
Chorus 1x