1. At One
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I know what it feels like to be torn apart
Looking for the shattered pieces to your heart
I know what if feels like to be wandering so lost
Looking for light thinking I might not win this fight

But you Lord are my strength
My rock and I found out not too long ago
That the world has nothing to offer me
But you offer me life
I want to fight the good fight
So teach me
Father teach me

I want to be at one with you
The way the Father and the Son are at one
I wanna be at one with you
Your thoughts are not my thoughts
And my ways are not your ways
So teach me how I can be one
Like the Father and the Son

Let us go out with joy and be led out with peace
Let the mountains break and sing before you Lord
Let the trees of the earth clap their hands Let it all be done to praise
Your ever lasting name
Cause you lord are creator of all
A sparrow doesn’t fall without it on iyou knowing
I know you hear my cry
And I wanna fight the good fight
So teach me father teach me

Jesus prayed that I believe that You sent Him
I believe with all my heart, I believe.
And with you I can do anything
Give me the strength I need to overcome
Cause I...