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Produced by Brian Sanchez
Lyrics & Music by Julia Figueroa


I wanna talk a little bit 'bout a friend of mine
I've seen through you that love is patient
love is kind
Anytime I've been through trouble
You've been there to calm the store
Life isn't always easy but you love it when I smile
When I laugh you laugh
When I cry you cry
Everything we do together
Making memories for a lifetime
I can always count on you
You won't ever leave me alone
I keep inside my head
The words you said to me

This is what I always want you to do
Love each other the way that I have loved you
And in this world you're more than just a number
You're a friend of mine
I call you friends of mine
You're a friend of mine
I call you friends of mine

I know the enemy is out on the prowl
But I won't be afraid I know that you can take him down for me
You share your secrets with me
All life's mysteries
I gotta live right
To show you that I love you
Pre 1x
Chorus 1x

I wanna do all the things you do
A good friend would give their life for you
I gotta fight stick it out to the end
I know in you I've found my very best friend